DateBook - Online Dating Wordpress Theme

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DateBook version 1.5 (5 August 2016)


Fully Responsive

Design magically responds to your device. Give your visitors the same experience everywhere and anytime.

Powerful Search

You can easily find profiles based on age, sex, and country.

Paid Subscriptions

This theme allows you to get revenue by setting several paid subscriptions. Members can enhance their Profiles with new features such as Featured or Top Ad profile.


Theme is multilingual ready, meaning that people from around the world can access your content without having to try and translate the content themselves.

Online Status

Show online status of registered users in real time.


Unlimited Color combinations. The theme comes in three flavors skins.

HTML5, CSS3, jQuery

The design has been made on the latest technologies to fit the requirements of Google and other Search Engines.

Lightbox Gallery

Modern Lightbox gallery looks beautifully on any mobile device.

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